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Discover The Invisalign System: 20 Years of Changing Smiles

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Have you been contemplating taking a new step in improving your smile? Do you often avoid smiling to prevent showing a misaligned smile to the world? Has the idea of wearing braces to correct them kept you from taking that step? Modern orthodontic treatments often don’t include wire and bracket braces. Instead, there’s been a shift to the leading name in clear aligners, Invisalign. This system was first invented in the late 90s and began saturating the market starting at the start of the new millennium. Since then, it has been changing the face of orthodontic treatment, improving the smile of millions discretely and effectively.

Discover The Invisalign System: 20 Years of Changing Smiles

Invisalign’s introduction to the world of orthodontics was as unprecedented as it was game-changing. Invisalign announced its appearance to the world with a $31 million marketing campaign that ensured everyone knew about this new system. While clear aligners were not new, nothing like this innovation in orthodontic care had ever been seen.

Clear aligners were first introduced in 1971. The concept was simple, a new kind of retainer that could be worn after orthodontic treatment. They were intended to be more comfortable and convenient to use while remaining nearly invisible. Invisalign saw new possibilities for this plastic aligner system. They developed a process by which you could undergo orthodontic adjustment by switching between various specially formed trays. Each series of trays was designed to apply pressure to the teeth in specific ways to produce the desired results.

They could accomplish the same therapeutic changes as traditional bracket and wire braces while remaining nearly invisible while worn. However, this was only part of what set them apart from traditional braces. The other benefits that came with using the Invisalign system include:

  • Removable – Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign can be removed by the patient. This means the ability to perform dental hygiene normally, as well as being able to clean the Invisalign tray itself thoroughly. It also means eating the foods you enjoy without worrying about their impact on the tray.
  • Discrete – Another benefit of the Invisalign system is its near invisibility. The translucent nature of the trays makes them difficult to spot by the casual observer. This means getting all the benefits of traditional braces without the mouthful of metal glinting in the sun every time you smile.
  • Comfortable – Many patients report that the trays are far more comfortable than the wire and bracket braces. This comfort is the result of the smooth surface of the Invisalign trays. There’s no metal or bracket to scrap against delicate cheek and gum tissues.

These benefits come with a system that produces the same results as traditional braces at approximately the same cost. These points ensure Invisalign remains the most popular option for orthodontic care in cases where it’s appropriate.

Ask Your Dentist For More Information

Reach out to your dental provider to learn more about their services. Invisalign is a common option at most modern dental clinics, so be sure to ask about it specifically when you need orthodontic care.

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