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Our Technology

Ruiwan Oral Suction Machine

Fine dust, aerosols and odors from patient care can cause discomfort to dentists and patients and can be harmful. In addition, dust generated during the dental work may affect the health of the dental work.

Low noise: Noise insulation design + low noise motor installation minimizes inconvenience with 59dB of noise.

Strong suction power: Strong inhalation of dust, aerosols and harmful substances in the air that occur during work.

Quadruple filter: With HEPA13 grade filter and carbon chip filter, 99.97% to the size of yellow dust (AEROSOL is about 0.5 mm) and 0.25 micron fine dust is removed, and daily odors and chemical gas are taken away. Foot pedals free both hands!

HEPA Filters

This mid-size console air purifier is perfect for these suffering from allergies. With a hepa filter, it captures 99.97% of the dust and allergens as small as .3 microns in size! A large carbon filter attacks common household odors including those causes by smoke, cooking and pets. UV-C light technology kills germs including staph, influenza, and rhinovirus. Choose from 3 speeds depending on your needs, including a low speed that runs ultra-quiet that is great for light sleepers. It also features a timer that can be set for up to 8 hours.

Cerec by Sirona – “One Visit Crown”

90% of all our single or multiple crowns are all done in one visit. That means no more temporary crowns that will come off. The porcelain crowns are made of lithium disilicate. It is very strong and esthetically pleasing.

K7 by Myotronics – “(EMG)”

Used for:
A. Jaw Tracking
B. Electromyography
C. Joint Sonography

T-scan – by Tekscan “Occlusal Analysis”

It offers 2D/3D representation of bite forces complete with timing information relative to dental occlusion.
It is very valuable information is needed to easily determine and restore the perfect balance of your patients bite.

J5 by Mytronics – TENSing unit

This unit relaxes muscles and establishes physiologic occlusion. It is a diagnostic tool used in making and orthotic appliance for patients who have worn down their teeth and acts as a 1st phase of our full mouth rehabilitation treatment.

Spectra by Air Techniques “Caries Detector”

Cavities that are small are so hard to see. There’s a saying “You can’t diagnose, what you can’t see”. With this caries detector, we’ll be able to see if that small stain is actually a cavity or even before it gets bigger and damages the next tooth.

Dexis – “Intra-oral Camera”, SLR camera

Every time we do a procedure whether it’s a small procedure to a bigger problem, we always take pictures to know how we started, and how we ended.

Dexis Sensors – Digital X-rays – “The best image quality”

What it means “A lot less radiation on all”. Because our x-rays have the best image quality, it means that the doctor can diagnose more accurately.

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testi-2 "Dr. Barbon’s office is new and fresh. He has modern equipments and you can even watch a movie while getting your teeth worked on."
testi-3 "The receptionist and the rest of the staff are really friendly and personable. I brought a book with me just in case I have to wait, but they called me in right away. I did not have to wait!"
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