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Full Mouth Reconstruction

One of the most complex procedure in dentistry but the most rewarding is Full Mouth Rehabilitation.  With  the proper technology and comprehensive training of the dentist and the staff, beautiful smile with the correct position of your teeth/jaws  is achievable.

After  doing a comprehensive evaluation, we usually start with PHASE 1  which  is fabrication an Orthotic Appliance that the patient will wear from 1-2 months approximate ( this orthotic appliance looks like you own teeth ) , is place on top of your teeth. You can eat and chew with it. You can’t remove it. During this time, adjustments will be done. The purpose for this is to achieve the physiologic position of your jaw.  Once      we have achieve it and your bite is very good,  then we proceed to PHASE II prep day. ( Preparation done in one day )  At the end of the prep day, you’ll be wearing the temporary crown in a physiologic position. ( In a period of 3-4 weeks )

Then you’ll come back for delivery of permanent porcelain crowns. Right after delivery, you’ll need to still come back for adjustments ranging from 4-6 appointments or more depending when you are comfortable with your bite already.

If during the PHASE 1- we found out, that readings  from K7 ( Evaluation machine ) is still high, then we may just place you to a removable appliance . We have to see you in our office to really know if you’re a candidate for this procedure.

                   Since 90% of pain in our body is from muscles, once we accomplish the correct position of your jaw, most of your headaches , neck pain , back pain , even TMJ pain goes away too. We dont even need to wear a night guard anymore, unless you are a clencher.

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