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Do You Know When You Need A Dental Specialist?

Dental Implants can make a massive difference to your overall appearance, pride, and even the quality of life associated with everything you do with your mouth. From eating your favorite foods to smiling without hesitation and speaking clearly, the appearance and condition of your teeth have a lasting effect on the way you face the world. If you’ve been considering getting Dental Implants or your dentist has suggested that they may be right for you, you probably have a few questions about the whole procedure and who’s qualified to perform it. This simple guide will answer some of those questions for you.

Will, my General Dentist, Do My Implants Or Will I Need A Specialist?
The answer to this question is basically “both.” The typical process involves your general dentist coordinating with an oral surgeon specialist regarding the placement and installation of your titanium mounting points. This process is generally outside the scope of a general dentist’s skill set, as it involves implantation of these mounting points in the bone of your jaw. After they have properly coordinated and agreed on the placement of these mounting points, the oral surgeon will perform the first procedure and will likely be involved with following up with you to ensure that they’re healing properly.

So What Does My General Dentist Do?
Your general dentist will take it from there, keeping watch over your gums to ensure that they continue to heal, teaching you how to care for your implants, and beginning the preparation of your final set of teeth. Your dentist will be responsible for the artificial teeth that will get mounted on these titanium mounting points, coordinating with you to choose the color, design, and overall appearance of your new teeth. Once completed and your healing process is over, they’ll mount your replacement teeth on the implants resulting in a natural, beautiful smile.

I’ve Heard The Term Prosthodontist, What do they do?
A prosthodontist is primarily an oral surgeon who specializes in prosthetics like your implants. In particularly tricky cases your dentist may decide to send you to one in preference of an oral surgeon, though choosing a prosthodontist doesn’t mean that your implant surgery will be complicated. Prosthodontists do an extra year or two of training specifically on prosthetics. You may also hear the terms periodontist or endodontists. These specialists are also trained to work with the installation of implants as part of their specialties.

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