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he Time Of Digital Impressions Is Here!

Digital impressions

Sometimes considering orthodontic care can be a little intimidating. It’s a commitment to months or years’ worth of treatment that starts with some discomfort. While the payoff may be the smile you’ve always dreamed of, this can be enough to get people to avoid it. The bite plates for the x-rays are uncomfortable, the goop used to make the dental impressions taste unpleasant, and some people literally gag wearing the bite tray to get the impression done. Thankfully, these kinds of experiences are largely a thing of the past. There have been new innovations in imaging that have helped to make these practices unnecessary. Instead, today’s dentistry utilizes a discomfort and gag-free method of preparing for orthodontic care known as digital imaging.

The Time Of Digital Impressions Is Here!

The advance in imaging technology has led to a new era in dental care using advanced forms of imaging. These innovations allow you to get the required images and dental impressions without ever having to put anything in your mouth. CRCT technology is a form of x-ray that uses greatly reduced levels of radiation and special software to create a flawless 3D image of your bony orofacial structures. These impressions can be taken in seconds and give a comprehensive view of all the necessary areas in a single pass.

As if reducing the amount of discomfort wasn’t enough reasons to love this new technology, there’s more! The resulting images are of significantly higher quality and result in a single comprehensive 3D image. These images make it possible for your dentist to view your oral structures from any angle necessary, making diagnosis and treatment planning much easier. The resulting image can also be used in the production of a physical 3D model of these structures, further aiding treatment and diagnosis.

Another piece of modern imaging technology is known as the intraoral camera. As the name indicates, its use is to create a 3D image of your oral cavity. This camera is mounted on the end of a boom about the size of a toothbrush. It is inserted into the mouth and rotated and moved around to gather images of your mouth. Once completed, it takes these images and stitches them together to create a comprehensive 3D image. Like the CRCT image, it can be used to create a printed model of your oral cavity.

These systems have a number of significant benefits:

  • High-quality imagery of the orofacial structures and tissues
  • 3D digital models that enhance treatment and diagnosis
  • Capable of being used to create a 3D model
  • Ability to transfer digital images to other professionals without losing originals

Speak to Your Dentist For More Digital Impression Information

This technology has been rapidly adopted by a growing number of dental practices. More and more, when you visit any dentist, you’ll find that CRCT and intraoral cameras are part of their standard practices. Patients and dentists alike benefit from these systems as they reduce ongoing costs from bite plates, gels, bite trays, and physical imaging film. Learn more by speaking to your dentist.

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