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How Vitamin D Deficiencies Cause Periodontal Disease

Vitamin D in the sand

Vitamin D remains an essential nutrient for our bodies, but it’s essential for our teeth. Vitamin D provides our bodies with the ability to process calcium and thus plays a role in aiding our bones and muscles and protecting our bodies from diseases such as multiple sclerosis and heart disease. Vitamin D protects us also protects us from terrible oral diseases such as periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, however, has been shown to develop more frequently in those who have some form of vitamin D deficiency. This is due to the many special components that Vitamin D holds to protect our bodies over time.

How Vitamin D Shields Us From Periodontal Disease

Most often, people think of vitamin D as being good for our bones, and while this is true, it doesn’t encompass what Vitamin D does for us or how it works to protect our bones. Our teeth especially benefit from Vitamin D due to how prone our mouths are to bacteria and decay, wearing down the enamel and dentin, leading to necrosis over time. But vitamin D also plays an essential role for the muscles and for our mouths; it’s especially important for our gums. When bacteria begin to develop along the gumline, the early stages of gingivitis and gum disease develop, and in many ways, can be more harmful to our teeth. Bacteria can easily infect the bloodstream and lead to a greater risk of heart disease and cardiovascular diseases with the arteries. Once gingivitis turns to gum disease, the large amounts of bacteria present can make it difficult for dentists and periodontists to treat and get rid of completely. 

However, Vitamin D is vital for our teeth and gums because it contains properties and components that are essential in providing strength for our bones and muscles. It’s a great defensive mechanism against periodontal disease because of its molecular components, including: 

  • Antibacterial Properties: Vitamin D often gets a lot of credit for our health because it has antibacterial properties that help fend off against bacteria, such as the streptococcus mutans. 
  • Defensive Proteins: These antibacterial properties are called defensins and cathelicidins, and these proteins work with the immune system by harming the integrity of the bacteria cell. 
  • Through The Power of Calcitriol: Vitamin D also helps our kidneys produce calcitriol, which is the active component used to strengthen our bones and boost the amount of calcium throughout our blood. 
  • Reduces Metalloproteinases: As an added benefit, when calcium and vitamin D are in our bloodstream, it has the ability to reduce the number of metalloproteinases, or MMP, throughout our blood, which in turn helps protect our gums from periodontal disease.

Getting Enough Vitamin D Each Day For Your Oral Health 

Vitamin D matters for your oral health, and to prevent the onset of periodontal disease, getting enough of this vitamin through diet matters. Ask your doctor if you need vitamin D supplementation, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency. You can also learn about more ways you can get vitamin D by speaking with your dentist. 

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