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The Anatomy Of your Teeth


Those 32 white champions that stand on the red hill of your gums work hard every day to help you enjoy your favorite foods, speak clearly, and keep your smile looking great. While you may be familiar with the outward appearance of your teeth, at least the parts above the gum line, how aware are you of the composition of the parts you can’t see? Within your teeth are multiple layers that help protect and nourish your teeth. You may be surprised to learn just how many parts you teeth have, and the roles they play in maintaining your oral health.

The Many Parts Of Your Tooth

  • Crown – This part of your tooth is on the exterior, and is the only part you can see if you have good oral health. Each tooth has a special shape that works to help it perform the task its intended for. The teeth in the front are for slicing and cutting your food, while the molars in the back are used for grinding up harder foods to prepare them for swallowing.
  • Gumline – At the visible base of your teeth, where they enter the gums, is the gum line. This area is critical to take care of properly, as plaque and tartar can build up here. In healthy teeth the root is not visible as it is covered by healthy gums.
  • Root – Hidden beneath the gums are the roots of your teeth. The tooth’s root is set firmly into your jawbone, securing your teeth into your mouth. While you can’t see it, Beneath the gumline, deeply embedded in your jawbone, is the root of your teeth, and is actually almost two-thirds of your total tooth. It serves to hold your teeth firmly into your jaw.
  • Enamel – This is part of the external layer of your teeth, covering the crown and the root completely. Enamel is the hardest substance found in the human body, and protects the tender internal parts of your teeth from being damage. Enamel is a tissue that’s infused with minerals during their creation. While durable, good oral care is necessary to keep it healthy.
  • Dentin – This part of your tooth is located just under the enamel of your teeth and is the second layer of your teeth that can be attacked when bacteria, tartar, and plaque get out of control. This layer is full of tiny little holes that connect the exterior of your teeth to the pulp.
  • Pulp – This is the living portion of your tooth where the blood and nerves in your teeth live. During the formative period of the tooth the pulp keeps it living by providing nourishment to it as it grows. Once your adult teeth come in they can live without the pulp, and it can be removed if the pulp becomes infected.

If you want to learn more about your teeth contact your dentist and make an appointment. During your visit talk to the hygienist about the different parts of your teeth and how they all work together. Dr. Reynaldo Barbon is ready for you to schedule an appointment at Superb Dental Care in Pasadena CA today!

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