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The Environmentalist’s Guide To Brushing Your Teeth Sustainably

Discarded Toothbrush on the beach

Our world is filled with plastic. From the water bottles we drink to the packaging of our food, plastic has become the number one commodity that has made our lives easier but has hurt our environment. This non-biodegradable material is even prevalent in dentistry. Our toothbrushes, floss containers, and toothpaste tubes all use plastic as a way to preserve the products we use each day to care for our oral health. As one of the most highly used products in dental care, many of the dental products we use also tend to end up in our landfills and oceans. If you want a more sustainable approach to your oral health, then here’s what advice we can provide as dentists for you.

Ways to Improve Your Environment and Oral Health

Exploring new ways for more sustainable action can be tiring and exhausting, but it’s a well-worth cause that needs more investment. Active engagement with the way we use our products and our habits can create long-lasting changes that can at least mitigate the problems of the future. However, the small habits you do each day do matter, and if you want to help your environment and keep your teeth healthy, then here are some of our tips for keeping your teeth and the world healthy:

  • Use Less Water While Brushing: Wastewater has become one of our most prominent problems to date. When brushing our teeth, each person wastes on average over four gallons of water. Wastewater impacts our natural ecosystems, and reducing the amount of water used; it can allow more people access to water.
  • Try Toothpaste Tablets: Toothpaste tablets are an excellent way to replace the tubes, which can help reduce plastic waste and brush your teeth.
  • Buy Bamboo Toothbrushes: Bamboo toothbrushes have become a highly valuable way for sustainable people to brush their teeth because they are biodegradable, have less impact on the environment, and are made from sustainable sources.
  • Pay Attention To Your Products: Paying attention to the companies you purchase from can help improve your sustainability in the long run, and finding dental companies that work towards more sustainable action is the key to a fully environmentally aware lifestyle.\

How To Help Your World and Your Teeth

Even as our world looks for better ways to create more sustainable oral health solutions, it’s still a relevant problem in today’s decade. For the average person, making small choices each day to reduce your carbon footprint and help improve our world also matters when you keep your health in check. For more information about making environmentally friendly choices when caring for your teeth, arrange a dental appointment today to learn more ways to help understand your impact and keep your smile healthy and happy.

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