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Treatment Options for Teeth Grinding


What is Teeth Grinding?

There are many different habits that people can develop out of nervousness. Some people bite their fingernails while others will tap their fingers. Some people will develop a habit called bruxism, also known as teeth grinding. While this is a common nervous habit, some people will do this in their sleep without even knowing. There are several reasons why people need to have teeth grinding stopped. People who grind their teeth can expect to gradually lose the enamel that makes up their teeth. Over time, this can weaken the enamel, making it easier for cavities to form. Furthermore, losing the enamel coating on the teeth can lead to misalignment of the teeth, making it harder to talk, chew, or clean the teeth. Finally, teeth grinding places relentless pressure on the jaw which can lead to jaw problems down the road. It is important that people who grind their teeth seek the opinion of an oral health professional for treatment.

What should Patients Expect with Oral Appliances?

For people who grind their teeth during the day, this is a habit that can be consciously stopped. When people grind their teeth at night, they may not even realize that they’re doing so which is more difficult to stop. Therefore, patients are prescribed an oral appliance that they can wear at night. Patients should expect some mild discomfort when they first use the appliance. The appliance works by changing the position of the jaw. It may take a few nights for patients to get used to it; however, the appliance works by changing the position of the jaw in the mouth to make it impossible for patients to grind their teeth during their sleep. Some patients who snore at night may even stop snoring. The oral appliance will need to be cleaned regularly similar to a mouth guard or a retainer.

What are the Goals of Oral Appliances?

The ultimate goal of using an oral appliance to treat teeth grinding is to stop the patient from grinding their teeth. When patients stop grinding their teeth, they will also accomplish several other goals. Patients who grind their teeth may have jaw pain due to the stress they’re placing on their mandible. However, the pain should go away once the patient starts using an oral appliance. Patients will also put a stop to the enamel erosion that has been taking place during their teeth grinding episodes. Patients who suffer from headaches may notice that their headaches dissipate as well.

More than Just Teeth Grinding

While teeth grinding is a major problem in the dental world, Dr. Reynaldo Barbon of Superb Dental Care located in Pasadena, CA is capable of far more than just teeth grinding treatment with oral appliances. Dr. Barbon is a Pasadena dentist who has developed an impressive record of happy and satisfied patients who have presented with a variety of dental needs. Call the office today to schedule an appointment.

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