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Veneers Are Incredible, But Are They For You?

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, everywhere you look you find images of smiling people with perfect white, shining teeth prompting you to wonder what’s wrong with your smile. People hide their smiles every day out of embarrassment over their discoloration, misalignment, or unevenness. Thankfully there’s a solution for people worrying over minor concerns like these, porcelain veneers. These incredible cosmetic innovations can cover cracks, stains, gaps, and teeth that are crooked, asymmetrical, or even missing. They’re a quick and easy solution for a cosmetic upgrade to your teeth, and they can be tinted to fit the color you desire.

If Your Concerns Are Cosmetic, Than Porcelain Veneers Are Right For You

Through life’s ups and downs sometimes we end up getting minor damage to our teeth in the form of stains, cracks, chips. Other times we find that our smiles misshapen nature are due to birth factors such as when we have misshapen teeth or teeth that have gaps between them. None of these concerns require major reconstructive procedures, but instead can be corrected with various cosmetic treatments. One such treatment is porcelain veneers, a simple yet aesthetically pleasing dental cap made of ceramic that can eliminate these imperfections with a single visit.

The Newest Generation Of Veneers Mix The Best of Perfection And a Natural Appearance

The last generation of veneers were just as effective at correcting multiple cosmetic issues, but they had one minor problem, they were too perfect. When a patient got veneers it became impossible to mistake the fact that they had cosmetic dentistry done, and gave them an artificial look. Modern veneers have been improved so they can be carefully tinted to match the color of your natural teeth, while being customized to help keep your smile looking natural and beautiful.

Patients With Microdontia Can Benefit From Porcelain Veneeres

Microdontia is a condition in which the adult teeth remain underdeveloped, retaining a childlike appearance, typically with gaps existing between them. This can give those patients with this condition a perpetually underdeveloped appearance, even though their teeth may be completely functional. Veneers are a wonderful solution for those with microdontia as they can provide a beautiful, adult looking smile that is completely functional.

Bruxism Is A Deal Breaker

One condition that can make you a poor candidate for porcelain veneers is bruxism, or abnormal grinding and clenching of the teeth. Even for those with healthy teeth bruxism can result in cracked and fractured teeth that can move out of alignment due to the pressures involved. Porcelain veneers aren’t capable of putting up with this degree of abuse and so patients who suffer from bruxism won’t be able to benefit from them.

If you’re looking for a way to restore a beautiful smile and want to get there through the wonders of porcelain veneers then it’s time to contact Dr. Reynaldo Barbon at Superb Dental Care in Pasadena, CA. They’ve been proudly serving their community with exceptional dental care, and would be proud to be your cosmetic dentistry provider.

DR. Reynaldo Barbon State of the art equipment combines with doctors and staff dedicated to providing an uplifting dental experience to create the reputation Superb Dental Care has in our community. With a focus on family our clinic provides a full range of dental care services, from preventative care to restoration and cosmetic dentistry solutions.
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testi-3 "The receptionist and the rest of the staff are really friendly and personable. I brought a book with me just in case I have to wait, but they called me in right away. I did not have to wait!"
testi-4 "He did my root canal and crown the same day and stayed late on Saturday also Connie the front desk manager is very nice and friendly!!!!!"
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