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What Are Those Things In the Dentist’s Office

Dental Probes

Right off the bat, the dental probe is probably the most notable and scariest dental tools for patients. However, dental probes, such as the sickle probe, help to find cavities and gum disease. The sharp hook at the end of the tool is used to find pockets between the teeth and scrape away tartar and plaque. Visible cavities, when touched with this tool, will hurt, and thus the dentist will have to use the tool to investigate further how much damage has occurred and how your dentist can help you heal your gums and teeth.

Mouth Mirrors

The least scary tool is the mouth mirror, a tool with a tiny mirror attached to the end to help your dentist see into your mouth and check up on the health of your teeth. The mouth mirror allows your dentist to check for tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities. It also allows your dentist to move the tongue out of the way without using their hands.


Scalers are also an intimidating tool used to remove tartar and plaque, but unlike the sickle probe, it’s used to remove larger buildups. Patients who require this tool to remove tartar and plaque may have larger issues with gum disease, and the scaler is required to remove the plaque and ultimately prevent tooth decay.

Saliva Suction Device

The suction device is one of the easiest devices for patients to deal with, as it helps remove excess saliva from your mouth while your dentist checks up and works on your teeth. During treatments, you may be asked to hold the device in your mouth while your dentists check on your teeth because your dentist needs a dry surface to be able to see what your teeth are like.

Dental Syringe

Dental syringes help to deliver anesthetics to your mouth to perform surgeries and install devices such as braces, crowns, and implants. It’s a small needle, and with precise delivery, the needle inserts the anesthetic into the gums to numb the area, and at most the patient will feel a tiny prick before the anesthetic sets in.

Dental Moulds

Molds are used for designing crowns, caps, mouthguards, and braces such as Invisalign. The soft substances help create an imprint of your teeth, allowing your dentist to be able to analyze and track the progress of your teeth over time and prepare for future surgeries. For kids, there are also flavored versions of these molds to help make the experience fun.

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