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What Does A Conservative Approach Mean in General Dentistry?

Dentist Analyzing Patient's Oral Health

Getting dental work done can be scary for many people, especially for patients who suffer from severe tooth decay. It can be difficult for dentists to establish trust with patients, but one of the ways that can be combated is by using conservative dentistry. Conservative dentistry has become a popular trend within dentistry over the last few years and, most of all, helps rebuild patients’ trust by offering a conservative approach to their dental care. Here’s all you need to know about conservative dentistry and what this means for your trip to the dentist. 

What is Conservative Dentistry and How Does It Work? 

As the name states, conservative dentistry focuses on using minimally invasive methods in dental procedures to treat patients’ teeth. When talking about minimally invasive methods, it refers to only treating the areas that are affected by tooth decay, gum disease, or other conditions and leaving any remaining healthy tooth structures alone to preserve them. Preserving healthy tooth structures has been shown to statistically improve the overall treatment and help patients smile in the process. 

While not many dentists work with this form of dentistry, conservative dentistry can address many of the common problems faced in the office and improve the patient’s overall experience. For one, dentists handling complex tooth problems can find healthier means of addressing the issues without extensively removing healthy tooth structures. A healthy tooth structure is vital for providing long-term, preventative care for patients, improving patient outcomes and costs, and allowing dentists to focus on preventative measures. Dentists can also use this form of dentistry to expand their practices, reducing the financial costs of materials in place of better-studied techniques to improve patients’ health. 

Most of all, it improves how the patient experiences their dentist. Conservative measures, while more complicated, are safer for the patient and help remove many of the problems commonly associated with visiting the dentist. 

The Benefits of Conservative Dentistry For Patients

Conservative dentistry can do a lot for patients when placed in the right circumstances. By providing patients with minimally invasive forms of treatment, patients can not only treat their dental health problems but also experience benefits such as:

  • Reduced Treatment Costs: Conservative measures can provide patients with alternative treatment methods, giving them better financial options and a better chance for insurance coverage. 
  • Experience Better Aesthetics: Natural-looking smiles tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than those under normal treatment methods, as these treatments focus on finer details with their dental care. 
  • Improve Patient-Dentist Trust: Patients can experience a better level of trust with their dentist, especially if they suffer from conditions such as dental anxiety and dental phobia. 
  • More Natural-Feeling Smiles: Overall, minimally invasive methods are able to provide more natural-feeling smiles that enhance their oral health and help provide extensive tooth care for years to come. 

If you feel like you are unsatisfied with your oral health and wish to learn more about conservative dentistry, then contact your insurance agent to learn about conservative dentists in your area that can provide the treatments you need for a healthy smile. 

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