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Why Do I Have a Hard Bony Lump on My Gum?

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Discovering a hard lump in an unexpected space can be quite worrying, and when that space is your gums, it’s hard to ignore. Thankfully, most of these lumps are nothing serious and can be quickly addressed. With a visit to Superb Dental Care, you can discover the underlying reason for the lump’s presence and what we can do to help eliminate it. However, you may still be wondering why these lumps form and when they represent a cause for worry. We’ll review some of the most common reasons for them and when it’s time to seek immediate dental care.

Why Do I Have Hard Lumps on My Gums?

These bony lumps are known as osteoma or exostosis and are simply bony growths that develop on top of the existing bone. They are believed to appear in response to injury or chronic irritation of the bone. In some cases, they’ll appear following the extraction of a tooth. These rarely require treatment but can be shaved down in cases where they become excessive.

Often these lumps aren’t actually caused by bone tissue. The most common reason for lumps on the gums include:

  • Cysts – These are small bubbles that form within the gingival tissue. They may be filled with liquid, air, or other soft materials. You’ll sometime find them near the roots of teeth that are dead or buried. They’re generally painless unless they become infected and can be easily removed.
  • Abscess – These are pockets of infection that can appear as soft bumps on the gums. They are generally painful and can cause the neighboring area to become inflamed. It also may be warmer than the surrounding tissue. These infections can be dangerous, causing damage to teeth and bones. Abscesses will require antibiotics to address successfully.
  • Canker Sore – One concern that may feel like a painful bump on your gums is a canker sore. These sores are an ulcer that forms on the surface of oral tissue but typically passes on their own within a couple of weeks. If needed, our team can provide medication to help ease the symptoms of your canker sore until it passes.
  • Fibroma – This is the most frequent reason that bumps form on the gums. They’re noncancerous in nature, frequently appearing on gum tissue that is already injured or irritated. This irritation often comes from dental devices such as dentures or braces. Fibromas are generally painless, dome-shaped bumps that are hard and smooth.

These are among the most common reasons for these bumps to appear. As you can see, they’re generally harmless and are easily treated when needed.

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Treatment of lumps on your gums and other unusual oral formations is just one of the services we offer at our clinic in Pasadena, CA. If you have concerns with hard lumps on your gums or other dental health concerns, call us at (626) 844-7778 to schedule an appointment. We’ll perform a complete dental exam and provide consultation on which treatments may be able to address your concerns. We look forward to seeing you!

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