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Reason Regular Dental Checkups are Vital

There have been a lot of questions in recent news regarding whether or not people need to invest in regular checkups. For some people, dental insurance issues can make scheduling regular visits that are covered by their insurance company a challenge. Some individuals believe that as long as they brush and floss regularly, they do not need regular dental checkups. Finally, there are those that simply aren’t comfortable going to the dentist because they don’t like sitting in the chair or having sharp objects prodding their mouths. Whatever the reason, regular dental checkups are an important part of oral and overall health. There are several reasons why everyone should see a dentist for regular cleanings.

Brushing and Flossing Are Not Enough

First of all, brushing and flossing aren’t totally capable of cleaning out all of the food that is left behind after meals. Bacteria are a normal part of the mouth and they actually help to keep people healthy; however, it is important that these bacteria are kept in check. If food is left behind, bacteria can feast on those crumbs and turn into plaque and tartar buildup. While brushing and flossing may help to clean out most of the food left behind, there is no way they can reach every crevice in the mouth. This is where the dentist comes in. Knocking off any plaque and tartar that has built up in the mouth is an important part of preventing cavities. Without regular dentist checkups, deep cleaning is not available to prevent plaque and tartar from causing cavities.

Detect Oral Cancer

Next on the list is the detection of oral cancer. This is a serious issue that has a high mortality rate if detected late. Unfortunately, many people do not notice the symptoms of oral cancer until it is too late. Therefore, regular dental checkups are important for catching oral cancer in its early stages. Dentists are highly trained and able to catch the early warning signs of oral cancer. For people that have smoked, used chewing tobacco, or have a family history of cancer, regular dental checkups are important. Many insurance companies will even cover a detailed exam with special technology that was developed to detect oral cancer early. Visit the dentist regularly and ensure that any warning signs of oral cancer are detected.

Prevent Gum Disease

Finally, many people develop gum disease from poor cleaning habits or as a fault of poor genetics. As plaque and tartar build up along the bottoms of the teeth, these bacteria can start to infect the gums. The gums tissues will swell, become tender, and may even begin to bleed. With the loss of gum tissue comes a loss of bone as well. If this isn’t addressed by regular dental checkups, the teeth may begin to fall out which will cause serious cosmetic and mechanical issues for the future.

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