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What Is A Zirconia Crown?


Dental technology is always on the move, bringing more advancements and innovations to clinics every year. Zirconia Crowns represent one of the newest innovations utilizing an incredible material that’s an elemental relative of titanium. This material has all the durability of one of the world’s strongest metals but has an appearance that closely resembles that of our natural teeth. Bridges and Crowns have been a foundational part of the practice of restorative dentistry for decades. Zirconia Crowns bring a whole new generation of options to restorative dentistry patients.

What Are Bridges And Crowns?

These devices are a form of restorative dentistry that uses existing teeth or implanted mounts to help restore the full function of a patient’s mouth. In cases where neighboring teeth are available to mount them to they are secured in place using them. In those cases where there are no teeth to secure to a titanium mount implanted in the jawbone is used instead. A crown specifically is used to cap a tooth that has been worn down into a nub or shaped that way by a dentist, completely restoring the function of the teeth. These devices play a vital role in extended dental health by spreading the wear and tear across the teeth naturally.

What Are Zirconia Crowns?

Some time ago a special dental crown was developed that utilized a durable relative of titanium that was perfectly suited for use in dental repairs. Its strength and appearance made it a perfect option for handling the abuse that teeth take in everyday use. Even better you don’t have to wait to get a Zirconia crown installed, instead, you can have your dentist measure you for one, mill it, and implant it all in one visit. This may take a little longer, but you won’t be making a second appointment to have it done. For many patients, this is an incredible benefit that makes them a superior option over the less durable porcelain crown.

What Disadvantages Exist With Zirconia Crows?

These crowns do have a closer appearance to natural teeth, but they lack the translucent quality which would really sell them as natural. For the time being this means that these teeth are used where they are less noticeable, being placed on the sides and back of the mouth in most cases. Research continues for a form of Zirconia that will mirror the translucence of natural teeth, but that day still lay in the future. For now, they simply represent an easy and quick way of getting a tooth restored in a single visit.

If you’re considering getting restorative dentistry done and want to know if Zirconia Crowns are going to work for your condition pick up the phone and call for an appointment today. Dr. Reynaldo Barbon helps patients in the Pasadena CA area tackle all forms of dental health concern from his office at Superb Dental Care. Zirconia Crowns are a beautiful and durable form of restorative dentistry that can ensure you have a bright smile for years to come, so call today!

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